Seg. 1: Former Kansas Governor John Carlin. Seg. 2: The Tragedies Of The USS Indianapolis

Jul 12, 2018

Segment 1: Former Kansas Democratic governor on the approaching midterm elections.

In 1979 John Carlin began the first of two terms as Kansas governor. He went on to work as the Eighth Archivist of  the United States by appointment of President Bill Clinton. Today, as a Kansas State University professor and leading figure in local civic engagement, he's still heavily involved in state and the state of politics. We got his take on the race for his former office.

Segment 2, beginning at 13:44: The story of the ill-fated USS Indianapolis.

It's the tail-end of the Second World War and the flagship of the Fifth Fleet has been struck by Japanese torpedos. More than 800 men end up floating in the Phillippine Sea for days as their absence goes unreported. National Geographic historian Sara Vladic recounts what the crew of the "Indy" endured as they waited for rescue and the decades-long battle they waged afterward to clear the record of the man blamed for it all.

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