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Show Me The State

Missouri has had a curious history, with many iterations and incarnations powered by changes in its political, cultural and religious climate. Show Me The State explores Missouri’s strange and misunderstood past as it relates to the present.

Each episode focuses on one particular piece of folklore and investigates what really happened, why did it happen and how has that shaped the state today?

The Show Me The State team looks at ghost stories, legendary political maneuvers and hometown heroes across the state. Host Kristofor Husted sits down with the people who know the story best to get as close to a first-hand account as we can.

Courtesy of Rhonda Chalfant

What would the state look like today if the capital wasn't Jefferson City? But Sedalia?

That almost happened 120 years ago. 

Sedalia champion John Bothwell was determined to make Sedalia a state institution and for 30 years he was relentless trying to make the town something more than the location of four railroads and premiere brothels. Ultimately, he makes a play for the biggest state institution in a surreptitious political maneuver that surprises everyone.

Courtesy of Parker Smith.

If you grew up in 1970s Poplar Bluff, you likely heard of the story of Doc Annie. Legend has it, Doc Annie was a witch-like woman who operated a haunted hospital in the woods. She kept fetuses in jars of formaldehyde there. She also would throw babies into an old well called “the pit.”

High school students and young people would drive into the Ozark Foothills looking for Annie’s spooky hospital and tell ghost stories about her.