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Snow removal continues on Columbia roads

Kristofor Husted

Columbia Snow plows have been out overnight working to clear the roads for drivers. Columbia Public Works spokesperson Steve Sapp said as of Friday morning, all first and second priority routes have one lane that is plowed and passable.

“Passable does not mean that it’s clear down to pavement," Sapp said. "Passable means that it has been plowed, and at least one lane has had the top layer of snow taken off of it.”

A complete list of the first and second priority roads are available at the Department of Public Works website.

The Columbia Public Works Department operated between 26 and 30 plows overnight. Crews remain on first and second priority routes to do touch up work.

“Any time we have a snow more than 4 inches and get into residential areas, we run 24/7 on overtime until we have touched all 521 road miles, and 1,100 lane miles of Columbia streets," Sapp said.

Sapp said the Columbia Public Works Department plans to begin plowing residential streets Friday afternoon – an effort that will likely continue into the weekend.

“We really ask people to pull their cars into their driveways or into a parking lot if possible, so that our crews can get to those residential streets and get that plow down from curb to curb as much as possible," Sapp said. "It really helps if we don’t have any traffic or parked vehicles when it comes to clearing roadways."

The Missouri Department of Transportation reported yesterday parts of Interstate 70 were closed during some periods. Sapp, with the Columbia Public Works, said he wasn’t aware of any roads closed now.

"There are literally hundreds of abandoned vehicles that became stuck yesterday," Sapp said. "A lot of those in driving lanes, many of those not quite on the shoulder. So, as people navigate, those that have to go in today on morning commute,  navigate around today, they need to be very aware there are many stalled vehicles out there that are traffic hazards.”

Officials urge those who do use the roads today to be very careful.

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