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KBIA receives national Edward R. Murrow award


KBIA is proud to receive a national Edward R. Murrow Award for our website.

The Radio Television Digital News Association announced the recipients of the 2014 national awards on June 11.

In the category for Website, KBIA was selected from 11 regional nominees in the small market radio division.

“This a great honor,” said Assistant News Director Ryan Famuliner. “Given how all news organizations are moving toward focusing on their online  offerings, everything we do now is in a digital space, or should be. I think it’s one of the most important categories in the Murrow awards.”

In April, KBIA received three awards on the regional level in the categories for Website, Feature Reporting and Continuing Coverage.

KBIA has won two other national Murrow awards. In 2006, the station received the small market radio award for News Documentary. KBIA also won the small market radio award for Investigative Reporting in 2007.

News Director Janet Saidi said the station’s website is great because of the quality content produced by both professionals and students.

“Our site focuses on engagement with our audience in everything we do,” Saidi said. “I feel like we’re always working to make our station better and we are going to continue to make it better in the future.”

KBIA will be recognized by RTDNA at an awards banquet in New York City on October 6.

Here is KBIA's formal entry in the competition, with links to some of our best work in the digital space in the last year:

KBIA Website entry for 2014 Edward R. Murrow Awards: KBIA’s main website: http://kbia.org/ The Missouri Drone Project was founded by KBIA content Director Scott Pham. It used drone technology to gather video for stories to be published on kbia.org. At this link you can find the stories that were created as part of the project. The first story linked, however, explains that the project is currently on hiatus: http://kbia.org/term/missouri-drone-journalism-program KBIA’s weekly talk show “Intersection”: http://intersectkbia.weebly.com/ Como Explained was a weekly hyper-local podcast that explained local news issues and also took on fun topics to engage the digital audience. As an experiment, this was produced solely for the digital space and did not air on KBIA 91.3: http://kbia.org/programs/como-explained “True/False Conversations” is a series of interviews with directors of documentaries that screen at the world-renown “True False Film Festival” in Columbia. The interviews air and are posted online in the weeks before the festival begins: http://kbia.org/programs/truefalse-conversations This interactive map that allowed Missourians to estimate how much an ACA Health Care Plan may cost compared to other areas in the state: http://kbia.org/post/interactive-obamacare-rates-depend-where-you-live-missouri “Their Dreams, In their own words:” http://kbia.org/node/42815 “Rural Missouri town now a ghost of a past settlement”: http://kbia.org/post/rural-mo-town-now-ghost-past-settlement “Military Voices.” StoryCorps came to KBIA to gather stories for its Military Voices series. Because StoryCorps only airs one out of every 100 of its interviews, it allowed KBIA to produce the interviews gathered in our studios to be aired and posted on KBIA.org: http://kbia.org/term/storycorps Winter Storm Live Blogs. As major winter storms hit Mid-Missouri, KBIA decided to create liveblogs as the weather events were occurring, to update the public with the latest information, images and video of the storm and its aftermath. http://kbia.org/post/live-blog-winter-storm-hits-mid-missouri-0 These posts had some of the highest traffic of any stories on KBIA.org all year, and allowed us to inform the public online when we were not on the air Mid-day. http://kbia.org/post/live-blog-second-winter-storm-hits-columbia “10 songs you should know going to Roots N Blues N BBQ” http://kbia.org/post/10-songs-you-should-know-going-roots-n-blues-n-bbq “The Ties that Bind” is a series of short multimedia documentaries telling the stories of people in rural communities in Missouri: http://kbia.org/term/ties-bind

Hope Kirwan left KBIA in September 2015.
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