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Columbia City Council Denies Proposal to Halt Shakespeare’s Demolition

A proposal to protect historic buildings in downtown Columbia will not effect the demolition of the downtown Shakespeare’s location. Following the denial of a proposed six-month moratorium the pizzeria will continue its relocation plans at the end of May and go through with the demolition and reconstruction.

Shakespeare’s manager Kurt Mirtsching favors the decision, but stressed the importance of acting quickly.

“We need to move forward and make this happen and get er done, so that we can get back into that building once its built. This moratorium would have delayed that,” said Mirtsching.

The city council, which voted 5-2 to deny the proposal is pleased with the steps Shakespeare’s is going through to ensure the restaurant keeps its original atmosphere upon its reopening.

“I’m happy to hear that their saving the bricks and trying to save the tins and trying to reduplicate the building ugh to what it currently is today so that future generations can witness and still experience the Shakespeare’s that we have all known and grown to love,” said councilperson Laura Nauser.

The restaurant expects to return to its Ninth and Elm location in August, 2016.

According to Mirtsching the new building plans will provide more kitchen space and the restaurant will have the capabilities to provide more pizzas at a more efficient rate.

“The parties going to continue, it’s just the box that’s going to be changing,” said Mirtsching. 

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