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The Check-In: How Are We Paying For Our Health?

Jay Hancock/Brook Gotberg

Around 100 people rallied outside the Missouri State Capitol on Tuesday in response to Senate Republicans attempting to block funding for Medicaid expansion. The expansion was approved by Missouri voters last year. People shared stories about how a lack of access to affordable health care and fear of going into medical debt has cost Missourians their jobs, their health, and even their lives.

So on today's program, we want to talk about the cost of healthcare — and the cost of not getting healthcare.

Have you put off a procedure because you were worried about the potential cost? What have you sacrificed to pay your medical bills? We've got a few guests this week to break down medical debt, and how our healthcare system forces so many to pay insurmountable sums.

Our guests:

  • Jay Hancock — Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News
  • Brook Gotberg — Professor of Law, Brigham Young University