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“You Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes and Phil Collins

Designed by Grace Noble

When Tom Flynn hears “You Can’t Hurry Love,” it takes him back to the beginning of MTV, when Phil Collins released a music video that captured his rendition of the The Supremes hit song of 1966. While it marked the beginning of an exciting new era of music videos in the United States, for Tom, it was a crushing reminder of all that he was missing while living outside the country as a teenager.

Picture of Tom Flynn wearing a suit and tie
John T. Consoli
Tom Flynn

In retrospect, he realizes there was much ahead in his life to look forward to. And when it comes to love, that hindsight view can be just as hopeful. On this episode of Cover Story, Stephanie and Tom discuss “You Can’t Hurry Love” and the timeless message of being patient for what life holds (even if that pill isn’t that easy to swallow as a teenager who’s eager for what they don’t yet have).

And, as always, the two decide which version of “You Can’t Hurry Love” reigns.

"When you're 15 years old, time feels like it moves so slowly. But you know ... just so much happens in the next three years, but when you're 15, you don't know." - Tom Flynn

Dean Shonekan

This is a show about the music we love. But the conversations uncover intimate stories about our own personal connections with the songs. Cover Story with Stephanie Shonekan reconnects us with great music and the diverse perspectives, histories, and identities of the artists and the fans who enjoy that music.

Cover Story with Stephanie Shonekan is produced by Katelynn McIlwain, Janet Saidi, Ryan Famuliner, Aaron Hay, Nat Kuhn and Stephanie Shonekan. This season was edited by Aaron Hay and Ryan Famuliner.

This podcast is a collaboration between KBIA and Vox Magazine, with funding from the University of Maryland College of Arts and Humanities and the Missouri School of Journalism.  

You can follow the podcast and other special projects on Twitter at @VoxMag, and @KBIA, and on Instagram at @voxmagazine and @kbianews. 

“Cover Story with Stephanie Shonekan” Season 1 was produced by Janet Saidi, Kristofor Husted, Fernando Narro, Rehman Tungekar, and Ryan Famuliner, with host and producer Stephanie Shonekan. Season One was edited by Rehman Tungekar and Ryan Famuliner.

“Cover Story with Stephanie Shonekan” Season 2 was produced by Janet Saidi, Ryan Famuliner, Aaron Hay, and Stephanie Shonekan. Season Two was edited by Aaron Hay and Ryan Famuliner.

Janet Saidi is a producer and professor at KBIA and the Missouri School of Journalism.
Ryan served as the KBIA News Director from February 2011 to September 2023
Aaron worked as a full-time on-air host at KBIA from 2017 to 2022. He continues as the Managing Producer on High Turnout Wide Margins.
Katelynn McIlwain, originally from Freeport, Illinois (go Pretzels!), is the managing editor for KBIA. She assists KBIA newsroom leaders in planning, supervising and producing news programming for radio broadcast, including daily news and in-depth reports, as well as public affairs programming.