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Boone County plans a second round of ARPA applications

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Alexander Mils
Boone County grapples with what to do with the extra money from ARPA.

Now that the first round of Boone County American Rescue Plan Act money has been allocated, the county faces its next challenge: spending the rest.

Boone County was granted $35 million in federal ARPA money. Its most recent allocation in July added up to only about $12 million and has been directed to 26 organizations.

The federal allocations of funds were split evenly over two fiscal years, allowing local governments to plan how to spend the funds as they saw fit. The funds were designed to allow local communities to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ARPA money granted to the county came with strings attached. The county has to allocate all of the money by the end of 2024 or lose it. Additionally, all allocated money has to be spent by 2027.

Janet Thompson, Boone County District II commissioner, said that the county's approach to the distribution of funds took into account the needs of the community.

The two-segment allocation the commissioners adopted was done to allow the county to re-evaluate community needs after the first round was distributed. The system also allows the county to follow guidance from the Department of Treasury as it goes.

Thompson said the process for allocating the second round of funds is going to be similar to the first round.

"We'll put out a notice to the community for requests and list what's left to give out," Thompson said.

The County Counselor's office is working on drafting contracts for the organizations that were awarded money in the first round.

Once they finish with those, the county will begin the second round.

"Our aspiration is to get applications out this winter and the money allocated by spring," Thompson said.

For more information, or to find county ARPA applications, go to www.showmeboone.com/commission/arpa.asp

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