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Daniel Boone Regional will Allow Permit Holders to Bring Guns into Library

Drab Mayko

The Daniel Boone Regional Library Board of Trustees approved changes allowing patrons to bring firearms onto the library’s locations last Thursday. The library’s website explained that the regulations would be different between locations. 

The Columbia Public Library and the Southern Boone County Public Library only allow law enforcement, active military personnel or those with a permit from the state of Missouri to carry firearms because those locations are near schools. The Callaway County Public Library now allows patrons with a concealed carry permit from any state to carry a firearm onto the property.  

Associate Director of Daniel Boone Regional Library Elinor Barrett says the board of trustees approved the changes to abide by Missouri law.  Section 21.540 in the Missouri statutes says only the state has the power to restrict the use of firearms.

Barrett said she thinks that people are understanding that the changes were made to abide by Missouri law.

“The state of Missouri is the only one that has that right to restrict firearms or control firearms,” said Barrett.

She said some patrons are concerned about the changes and its impact on safety.

“They don’t feel it’s necessary and they’re concerned about their children,” said Barrett.

One patron and Centralia Librarian Amy Hopkins said she does not see any issues with the change in policy.  Hopkins has been going to the library since she was a child with her mother. 

“I’ve had a card there since probably the late ‘70s,” said Hopkins.

She said she recognizes that people with concealed carry permits have had training with firearms.

“I would feel safer knowing that there was somebody around that did know how to use a gun,” she said.

The changes to the weapons policy are effective immediately.

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