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Frontline Health Workers Worry That COVID-19 Is Skewing Data on STIs

Derek Landes, left, wears glasses and a yellow plaid shirt. Cale Mitchell, right, wears clear-framed glasses and a yellow plaid shirt.
Veronica Mohesky
Cale Mitchell (right) is the Executive Director of Spectrum Health Care. Spectrum, like most sexual health clinics, closed when the pandemic started.

According to data from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Sexually Transmitted Infection rates in Missouri seem to be decreasing. But experts say there’s more to the story. With clinics like Spectrum Health Care closed or all online, it’s been hard for people to get tested. But that doesn't mean people aren't having casual sex. KBIA’s Veronica Mohesky has this report, on how COVID-19 might be skewing STI data.