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Barbra Horrell is a life-long Columbian who worked 45 years for MU and is an advocate for African-American history and preservation with the Sharp End Heritage Committee. Annelle Whitt spent more than two decades as an insurance executive, and now runs the Columbia Public Schools district’s MAC scholars program.

For this edition of the conversation series “You Don’t Say,” the two women got together at Horrell’s alma mater, Frederick Douglass High School, to talk about their experiences working, shopping and living in Columbia.

Merriam-Webster is revising its definition of racism after a Missouri woman’s emails claimed it fell short of including the systemic oppression of certain groups of people.

KMOV-TV reports that Kennedy Mitchum says people would argue with her about the definition of racism and she realized the problem was in the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.

Sarah Dresser

Around the state of Missouri, the rise of coronavirus cases has pushed hospitals to allow access for essential procedures only. Visitors are drastically limited, temperatures are taken at the door and routine health checks have been delayed or halted. 


For a week now, our community has been under new rules. Restaurants, gyms, hair salons and churches have re-opened their doors. We are in the hopeful beginning phases of finding a new normal. Our key words have gone from "stay at home" and lockdown, to recovery and reopening.

The state of Missouri is in the first phase of the Show Me Strong Recovery Program and the City of Columbia and Boone County have also issued the first step in reopening guidelines that have been in place for a week.