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Boonville Tourists May Pay More in the Near Future


Boonville tourists may soon spend more money on their visits.

That's because the city wants to increase its lodging tax from 4 % to 5 %.  That  move will add an additional $40,000 to the tourism fund for next year.

A lodging tax is applied only to those who spend the night in a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or campground in Boonville city limits.

Representative Lisa McClary of the Boonville Tourism Commission said she knows how the money will be spent.

“The Tourism Commission has already allocated how they would spend that money coming in,” McClary said. “None of it would go to staff, none of it would go to administrative things like office expenses, it would all go straight towards promoting the town.”

According to McClary, the revenue from the tax will be allocated towards beautifying the city, adding a Christmas festival, and increasing the number of sports tournaments the town holds each year.

McClary said she thinks more sports tournaments will bring tourist to local restaurants and local stores. She said she believes this will positively impact Boonville tourism and the economy.

The vote will take place in November.