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Jefferson City wants resident's input on future of public transit

Jefferson City Transit Division

Jefferson City residents might soon see improvements coming to their public transit system after the city council voted unanimously to approve the creation a Public Transit Advisory Committee.

According to the ordinance the committee will be in charge of relaying public feedback of the transit system to city officials while promoting improvements and ways to expand ridership of JeffTran.

Jefferson City resident and public transit advocate Wayne Lee said he’s thankful the ordinance passed and that the city will need to remain diligent and listen to the general public for input for the committee to succeed.

“You’ve got to move on to the formational aspect of evaluation,” Wayne said.  “And that means you step out of the box and put yourself in the shoes of everyone affected.”

The committee will consist of seven appointed members working strictly as volunteers and, while it will not be strictly enforced, is recommended to include four members of the general public as well as one frequent JeffTran rider.

Members will be appointed directly by the city and can serve for four-year terms.

Mayor Eric Struemph said he would like the city council to begin recommending names of people who would be good fits to fill the various spots on the committee.