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New Family Health Center CEO Begins July 1

Jun 27, 2017

Credit Family Health Center

The Family Health Center in Columbia will have a new CEO as of July 1.

The new CEO is Jack Kelly, who has served as the Chief Operating Officer for the organization for nearly seven years. 

Kelly said he was originally inspired to work in community healthcare after being a nursing home administrator for nearly 30 years.

“I saw what the lack of health care education and access to care and poor preventative health services lead to, as far as long-term acute illness in patients,” Kelly said. “It was like losing my grandparents all the time, and I wanted to work at a level in healthcare where I could have an impact on that and change the trajectory of health in seniors.”

Kelly said he has several goals for his tenure as CEO - one of those being to continue to build on the legacy of Gloria Crull. Crull is the current CEO of the Family Health Center and is stepping down after nearly 22 years on the job.

Some of Kelly’s other goals include keeping the organization on pace with current healthcare trends and maintaining the organization's high quality of care.

“Our mission is to provide primary medical, dental and mental health to our community members,” Kelly said. “And if we can impact those areas, we can bring people back to health as a whole person.”  

He added that he obtains his own medical care “within our four walls.”

Kelly noted the uncertainty that currently exists within healthcare, as the Senate continues to work on a potential replacement to the Affordable Care Act, but he said he is pleased to work for an organization that can meet the needs of all people – regardless of income.

“We don't know yet what the outcome is going to be nationally,” Kelly said. “I think that, legislatively, I’m hopeful that they will see us as one of the solutions for people that no matter what their needs are, we can meet all of those needs.”