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Study Shows Women Journalists Burn Out Faster Than Men

Apr 30, 2015

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The journalism field is demanding. The long, intense hours and news-never-ends-therefore-we-don't-stop mentality can lead to a burnout. A recent University of Kansas study shows that female workers are tending to leave the field earlier than their counterparts. University of Missouri professors Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Mike McKean discuss why that might be on the weekly media criticism program, "Views of the News." 

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McKean said that a possible reason typically thrown out is that women have more responsibilities in terms of balancing work and family care. 

"But what else? What are other factors that would be leading to this burnout?"

In the University of Kansas press release, Scott Reinardy who conducted the study said women, "had higher rates of exhaustion and cynicism and felt less support from their organization. The only resolution is often to change jobs or leave the field altogether."