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Boone County May Get a New Solar Plant

Oct 3, 2019

Boone County may be getting a new solar power plant in the near future. Boone Stephens Solar, a company connected to Colorado-based energy developer Dakota Power Partners, is seeking endorsement from the Columbia Water and Light Advisory Board for their plan to build a new solar power plant by the end of 2023. The proposed plant will be built just north of Columbia city limits and have a maximum output of 64 megawatts. For reference, that is more than 26 wind turbines worth of electrical energy.

Today Paul Pepper chats with Dave Mars and Brenna Reed, City of Columbia Water and Light, about easy ways to save money on your energy bills. How? By controlling the temperature of your home, and the best way to do that is by knowing your home. Watch for some great tips and ideas! September 18, 2015

Today Paul Pepper learns out about energy conservation in the home from DAVE MARS, Columbia Water and Light, and BARBARA BUFFALOE, Sustainability Manager for the City of Columbia. Don't waste another dime on your home's poor performance by signing up for an energy audit - find out how on today's show! July 20, 2015

Today Paul Pepper chats with DAVE MARS, from the City of Columbia's Water and Light Department, as well as BARBARA BUFFALOE and BRENNA REED, from the Office of Sustainability, about the CoMo Energy Challenge! Georgetown University is offering $5 million dollars to 'the community that saves the most energy in an innovative way over...two years.' Let's help Columbia win - watch! April 17, 2015

Today Paul Pepper visits with DAVE MARS, Columbia Water and Light, and BRENNA REED, Office of Sustainability, about the "CoMo Energy Challenge." The city is competing for $5 million dollars from Georgetown University against other, similar-sized, cities - find out what you can do to help Columbia win the money! February 16, 2015


The Columbia Water and Light 2014 report said it has exceeded its goal of 5% renewable energy source use to 7.22%. Columbia Water and Light is now looking into the proposal it requested last year to find more renewable energy sources. 

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This week the EPA will make a final decision on a proposed new rule for the disposal of coal combustion residuals, called CCRs, or coal ash.

The geology behind Columbia's water supply

Apr 1, 2014
Gary Grigsby / KBIA News

You've probably read the headlines about the drought in California.  It got me to thinking about what many of us probably take for granted, our water supply.