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A Missouri senator is seeking to tweak a voter-approved redistricting measure by allowing the public to submit suggestions to a state demographer responsible for drawing new districts.

The "Clean Missouri" constitutional amendment approved last November creates a new position of nonpartisan demographer to draft state House and Senate maps after the 2020 Census with a goal of achieving "partisan fairness" and "competitiveness."


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A House investigatory committee has expanded its membership for a special session to determine whether to impeach Gov. Eric Greitens.

House Speaker Todd Richardson has added three members to what had been a seven-person panel consisting mostly of attorneys and former law enforcement officers.

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Some Missouri lawmakers are raising concerns about Gov. Eric Greitens' plan to continue cuts to school transportation funding.

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A newly formed secular lobbying group is one step closer to finalizing its leadership after its second state-wide organizing call Thursday.