In this segment of our Sense of Community series "Becoming American," we hear the story of three-year-old Rainer Swift.  Rainer was an orphan in China before being adopted by his mother, Keely Swift, who owns a coffeeshop in West Plains, Missouri.  As part of his adoption process, Rainer was granted U.S. citizenship upon his arrival in the United States. 

“I don’t actually know anything about his birth family, but Rainer has a very complicated heart,” Keely Swift said.


A veterans’ volunteer group will team up with Crosslines on Saturday, June 29 to feed hungry individuals and families in central Springfield.

Timmons Hall was once about to be torn down to make way for new apartment buildings.  The native Ozark stone structure that sat at the corner of Texas and Webster in Springfield was known at one time as Timmons Temple Church of God in Christ and was built in 1932.  It served the city's African American community for more than 80 years.  The nonprofit group, Friends of Timmons Temple, was formed in 2014 to to perserve the structure with its unique stone exterior, including sunburst patterns also found in retaining walls at nearby Silver Springs Park.  Enough money was raised to move Timmons

Spotlight On Joplin For July 2019

Jun 28, 2019

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MSU officials say emergency crews responded to a gas leak on the Missouri State University campus near Bear Blvd and the Transit way Friday morning.  

That's about two blocks west of National Avenue.

Amy Castaneda, who works in MSU Campus Safety, said Greenwood Laboratory School was evacuated and those in the nearby Hutchens House dormitory had also been notified of the need to evacute.   

Have a Blast! will be held Friday night (6/28) at 6 at JR Martin Park, 300 E. Hines in Republic.  The event includes live music with Members Only, balloon art, face painting, inflatables, carnival games, a petting zoo and more.  A fireworks show will end the event. 

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Many rural hospitals are closing down or being bought out by larger health care systems. But one hospital in the rural Ozarks is bucking that trend — it’s expanding.  

Hospital officials at Ozarks Medical Center in West Plains say the expansion will cost around $70 million. The bulk of that will come from a USDA loan, with short-term financing coming from local banks.  The OMC Foundation also hopes to raise $5 million from charitable giving.

OMC broke ground on its expansion project Tuesday.

“My full name is Christopher John Whitla.  I go by John, but all my processing is with full name, which goes way back to my mom wanting to call me John, but liking Christopher John better.  So forever more, throughout all the Naturalization Process, through the Green Card Process and everything else, it would always be Christopher”, says Canadian born John Whitla, who shares his story of Becoming American, for the KSMU Sense of Community Series.

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Host David Cornelison interviews Nicholas Rogers, a student at Missouri State, about his impressions of his summer program in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

From the differences in equipment, knowledge, and research techniques, the discussion explores the opportunities offered to students in different locations.

“You need to do things right if you want to stay in our country”, says Hilda Lorrando.  “It’s a way to show respect and love for the country (where) you are planning to live”, said the recently Naturalized U.S. Citizen.

Hilda Lorrando, along with her American born husband Alan, and their 3 children, lives just outside the SW Springfield City Limits, and in this segment of Becoming American, from the KSMU Sense of Community Series, Hilda Lorrando shares some of the steps she took on the pathway to U.S. Citizenship.

Flooding impacted about half of the city of Cassville late in the day Wednesday as several inches of rain feel in a short period of time.

Several roads in the town were closed, including Highway 37, and emergency workers performed four water rescues.  Multiple homes and businesses were affected.

A flood warning for central Barry County continues until 10:30 this morning.  According to the National Weather Service, this warning includes, but is not limited to these low water crossings:

For Fayda Pires Bown, the path to America has been unexpected and complicated. It was never her dream to live here.

Bown grew up in the big city of Goiânia, Brazil where she had a difficult childhood. She tells me she had an emotionally and physically abusive mother. By the time Bown was seventeen, she had come to the end of her rope.


The US Department of Transportation is launching a pilot program to allow young veterans to pursue careers in commercial driving. 

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In 1991, civil war broke out in Somalia. It’s a relatively young country, with only 59 years of independence since British rule. At the time, Abdi Tarey was five years old. His father was in the military and things became very dangerous for his family.

“And my mom said, ‘We have to run to Kenya because so many people has been killed.’ And there was chaos and escalation. The government was fighting. The people were saying that the need to overthrow the president. And then, there was too much killing and looting,” said Tarey.

State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s office has begun an audit of the Greene County government.  That follows a formal request from the county commission earlier this year.

Last December, Galloway asked the commission to authorize the audit after a whistleblower complaint alleged improper use of public resources in connection with a ballot issue.

Galloway says the audit will explain in detail any issues her office finds and will provide recommendations for officials to address them. 

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Bass Pro Shops and eight of its partner properties will host a career fair at the Branson Landing on Wednesday.


UPDATED AT 5:15 PM TUESDAY, 6/25/19:   According to a press release from the city, Springfield Police Officers located 14-year-old Catrionna Robinson at an apartment complex on 940 E. Webster late Tuesday afternoon. Robinson is safe and in good condition, according to officials. 

After a one-year hiatus, the Missouri Fine Arts Academy (MFAA) made its return to Missouri State University this summer.  

The residential program for Missouri high school student artists took place June 2-15. Eighty-nine students from across the state participated. 

Veronica Palit says the question she most often gets from friends and people she meets is, “’Where is Moldova?’ That is the biggest question—‘where is that country?’”

I’ll answer that. Moldova is a small country in eastern Europe, one-fourth the size of Missouri, says Veronica, situated between Romania and Ukraine.  It was under Russian—and later Soviet—domination for many decades. Moldova regained its independent status after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall.

KSMU's Michele Skalicky met up with Missouri Department of Conservation urban forester, Cindy Garner, recently at the Springfield Conservation Nature Center to talk about diseases and insects that can affect trees.  MDC will hold a tree pest clinic Tuesday, June 25, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the nature center, 4601 S. Nature Center Way. 

Garner pointed to a hawthorn that has cedar hawthorn rust, which she said is common in Missouri.  It’s caused by spores that infect the tree at the time it flowers.

Diego Brawn is just 22-years-old, and he’s already living the life he dreamed of while he was a student at Bolivar High School:  Touring with national Christian music recording artists.

The road that led Brawn to where he is today started in Mexico City where he was born.  He doesn’t remember much about the time before he and his sister, mom and dad came to the United States.

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Linda Regan talks with Maile Auterson, co-founder and executive director of Springfield Community Gardens.

Today’s discussion talks about the expansion of the program beginning with one garden in 2010, growing to over 16 gardens around the community.

Temitayo “Tayo” Bakare is 35-years-old with a family and a job as clinical director of pharmacy at CoxHealth in Springfield.  But her life began thousands of miles away in Africa.  She learned to be on her own at a time when many children in the United States are just beginning to test the waters of independence with their parents close by. 

She grew up in Nigeria and remembers a fun childhood there.

"I'm number two of five, grew up in a pretty large family, had aunties and uncles around," she said, "father died when I was nine-years-old."

In this month's segment of Engaging the Community with Missouri State Unviersity president Clif Smart, we hear about the research that scientists are conducting at MSU's Fruit Experiment Station in Mountain Grove, Missouri.  Wine lovers and scientists will want to turn up the radio dial for this episode – because the cutting-edge research will likely have an impact on the types, and tastes, of grapes produced for Missouri wines.  Listen to the interview below.