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Suzanne Opperman

You may not think that someone, for example, with a drug addiction (who's seeking help) has much in common with someone with a gaming addiction (who's also seeking help), but SMART Recovery's SUZANNE OPPERMAN says actually both parties, however far apart, have the same opportunity to make the decision to stop their dependency: "it's a choice." March 15, 2021

"You have to check your own feelings, because getting angry at them only makes things worse." That's the message from SUZANNE OPPERMAN, SMART Recovery facilitator, to those dealing with a family member who has a dependency like drugs, alcohol or food, for example. January 19, 2021

The shame; the guilt. For those in recovery, the holiday season - and all that comes with it - can be overwhelming, and sometimes even triggering. SUZANNE OPPERMAN, SMART Recovery, tells us how we as hosts, as family members, as friends, can make sure that those with an addiction problem feel comfortable in what is to most a normal, festive setting. December 29, 2020

Self-Management and Recovery Training, also known as SMART Recovery, is finding new life online during the pandemic. Facilitator SUZANNE OPPERMAN says new meetings are being added due to its growing popularity. So what makes SMART Recovery's approach so different? She says, "because it's [about] changing the person's perspective on how they look at choices, regardless of what it is that you're struggling with." August 24, 2020

Capital City Productions is bringing 'Cats' to its Jefferson City-based stage for a limited run beginning this Thursday! Actress JANA BOTT tells us what songs will be included in this cabaret-style production that's been adapted from the full stage musical. Also, Missouri Nurses Association advocate SUZANNE OPPERMAN has a message for the more than 124,000 nurses in Missouri: get out and vote! (4:24) July 27, 2020

There are two parts to a successful SMART Recovery, and both are equally important: one is, of course, the person going through the recovery; the second is said person's family and friends. Both parts come together, says SUZANNE OPPERMAN, using tools that teach a person to stop and think. Also, CHERYL BLACK invites everyone to come see MU Theatre Department's production of 'Votes for Women'. She says it's not so much a traditional play as it is a "suffrage pageant." Commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the 19th amendment starting tomorrow night at the Rhynsburger Theatre on the MU campus! (4:58) March 10, 2020

SMART Recovery is a non-secular four-point program that encourages those affected by drug, alcohol or any other addiction to choose for themselves to quit. SUZANNE OPPERMAN says owning the choice is key to a sustainable recovery. Also, Columbia Art League executive director KELSEY HAMMOND is here with details on this year's annual 'Taste' and 'Let Them Eat Art' gallery events. Anyone can enter, anyone can buy! (5:02) January 6, 2020

Everyone's invited to come to the Urban Farm next Saturday for the 10th annual Harvest Hootenanny. With food prepared by culinary arts students, plus a beer garden, live music and games, it's sure to be fun for the whole family! Proceeds benefit Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture. Guest: ADAM SAUNDERS | Also, SMART Recovery's SUZANNE OPPERMAN tells us why positive reinforcement is the best any loved can do for someone with an addiction. Find out why she says the only real cure comes from within the individual with the problem. (3:39) September 27, 2019

Author BILL YOUNG explores the early years of baseball great Jackie Robinson in his new book, 'J.L. Wilkinson and the Kansas City Monarchs: Trailblazers in Black Baseball'. Bill says Robinson had support within the league, but that he experienced a "heckuva lot of racial taunting." Also, SMART Recovery's SUZANNE OPPERMAN wants to help those with abnormal dependencies realize that what they're doing is a choice by getting family members to take part in positive reinforcement. (5:04) June 18, 2019