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Did you know there was a time when blind people were not allowed to vote? National Federation of the Blind's GARY WUNDER pulls back the curtain on the process of casting a vote for the sight-impaired among us, and throws in a little history, too. August 25, 2020

How do blind people cast a private ballot on election day? GARY WUNDER from the National Federation of the Blind, Missouri tells us it's come a long way since the days of a judge and a witness or two hovering over your shoulder while you make your selection. July 31, 2019

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander announced today a three million dollar grant for new voting machines and other election assistance throughout the state.

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The need to replace aging touch-screen and optical-scan election machines is looming in Kansas and Missouri.

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The Missouri Senate passed a bill Thursday that would impose tougher penalties on drivers who run stop signs, if they cause crashes resulting in injury or death.

The legislation would increase fines and require the suspension of driver's licenses in certain cases of failing to yield the right of way. The bill would set a minimum fine of $500 and raise the maximum to $1,000 instead of the current $200 for violations resulting in injuries. For serious injuries, there would be a new minimum fine of $1,000, and the maximum would rise to $3,000 from the current $500.

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The Missouri Senate has endorsed legislation that would require local elections authorities to phase out the use of some electronic voting machines. Under the bill, voters could only use electronic machines that produce a paper trail of marked votes. All other types of electronic voting machines currently in use for elections could still be used, but could not be replaced once they malfunction.

The legislation given first-round approval Monday also declares the paper ballot as the official ballot of Missouri elections. It needs one more Senate vote before moving to the House.