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Rise In Domestic Violence | Pre-Election Polling | Political Crop Art

Segment 1, beginning at 4:00: Prior to the pandemic, many area domestic violence shelters were operating at capacity.

With pandemic safety guidelines in place, shelters are losing beds while the need for them has deepened. Kansas City has seen a 30% increase in domestic violence related calls to Newhouse Shelter according to CEO Courtney Thomas. While many factors contribute to the rise of domestic violence, "the lethality cases have skyrocketed during COVID," Thomas said.

Segment 2, beginning at 29:52: On the day before national elections, we take a look at polling numbers and what they indicate.

The efficacy of polling was largely called into question following the results of the 2016 presidential election. Pollsters have made systemic improvements since then and the latest surveys show races in Kansas and Missouri that remain close.

Segment 3, beginning at 43:03: Stan Herd has been called 'The Father of Crop Art' for his 'earth works' installments.

When Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate, Herd immediately went to work on a large portrait of Harris in a field north of Lawrence. His work has since caught the attention and the Biden/Harris campaign and Herd has continued creating more installments in key swing states.

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Steve Kraske is an associate teaching professor of journalism at UMKC, a political columnist for The Kansas City Star and has hosted "Up to Date" since 2002. He worked as the full-time political correspondent for The Star from 1994-2013 covering national, state and local campaigns. He also has covered the statehouses in Topeka and Jefferson City.
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