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Jefferson City Mayor Issues Anti-Marijuana Proclamation

On Monday, June 1, Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin signed a proclamation to raise awareness to the issue of young people using marijuana recreationally and the harmful effects of doing so.

The proclamation was created by the Council for Drug Free Youth (CDFY) in collaboration with the the Jefferson City Mayor.

“All we’re trying to do is emphasize the importance of public health and emphasize importance on teaching youth to obey the law,” said CDFY Executive Director, Joy Sweeney, “And basically the mayor was signing this proclamation in support of our efforts so that we can heighten awareness in the community and bring people out that really want to help prevent youth use.”

One of the studies cited in the proclamation found that more than 15 percent of Jefferson City youth surveyed use marijuana daily.

The Deputy Director of Show-Me Cannabis, Amber Iris Langston, said even though the group is for legalization of marijuana they do not support people under the age of 21 using the substance.

“We want youth to be substance free and involved in life. We don’t have any problem with them saying young people should not be doing it,” said Langston.

The Council for Drug Free Youth will hold a town hall discussion for the community on June 11 to provide more information and give citizens the opportunity to ask questions about the proclamation.

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