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Inside and Out: MU Journalists Reflect on What Shapes Who They Are

Nathan Lawrence

In this special, hear the voices of MU students tell their stories of finding the people, places and feelings that have helped them grow and change. They were challenged this spring in their advanced writing class to write essays about significant moments in their lives. With the help of their professor, Berkley Hudson, they recount their stories and experiences. 

Hear our radio special with selected commentaries here:

You can also listen to the rest of the class: Connor Hoffman shared a desire for solitude with his father. But that solitude and what his dad taught him changed his perspective on his environment. 

Hear Connor Hoffman

Madi Skahill has more in common with her dad then she would like to admit. And when he introduced her to music, she thought she would never find the solace that her dad had found. But when she quit piano and choir, she realized that her dad wasn’t so wrong for wanting Madi to find a love for music.

Hear Madi Skahill

Tradition is important in Myles Poydras’ family. When the men in his family took him to the Mississippi River in Louisiana for their traditional crabbing trip, Myles realized that the river and the environment around it served a much larger purpose than just finding crabs for his family.

Hear Myles Poydras

Falling in love is a dream that so many little girls have after watching Disney princess movies and romantic comedies. For McKayla Helm, that stayed true. But falling in love reminded her what love for someone else and herself really meant.

Hear McKayla Helm

Emily Hanneman's orange tabby cat meant more to her than just a pet. The potential loss of her cat made her realize that sometimes, time isn't on her side.

Hear Emily Hanneman

When Lily O'Neill's grandmother died, she didn't know how to go on. But she found that growing to accept that her grandmother was gone did more than just provide closure for Lily. 

Hear Lily O'Neill

Lauren A. Brown is from the south suburbs of Chicago. She is currently an undergraduate in the Missouri School of Journalism studying broadcast journalism. She is a newscaster and reporter for KBIA. She loves doing feature stories because of the in depth interview process.
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