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Excursions with Gina Arias: Cuba edition

Journey with us to Cuba to connect with hip hop artists and how their lives and music are affected by the political and social conditions. We hear from various players in the Cuban hip hop scene including El Individuo, who is centering Black pride in his music and two women MCs, La Reyna and La Real, making their own lane in this male-dominated culture and the struggles they face to be recognized. The Director of the Cuban Rap Agency, Ruben Marin, discusses what challenges come with running a state institution dedicated solely to rap music. We also hear from an old-school icon of the genre, Yimi con Claze, whose roots are in the MC, graffiti, and b-boy scenes of the Cuban capital, Havana. Our journey closes out with some real talk from DJ Reymel, who breaks down the challenges inherent in creating this art form in Cuba.

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Gina Arias is author and host of DETOUR podcast's Excursions episodes. She has a passion for travel and storytelling that began early in life, while spending all of her childhood summers in the home of her maternal grandparents in the Dominican Republic. Her writing has been published in the Miami Herald Tribune and other regional publications through her work as senior editor at DETOUR, a Black travel publication. Additionally her writing was included in a chapbook titled La Doña: Essays on the Dominican Matriarch, published through the Dominican Writers Association.
Fred Ones is a graduate of Columbia College, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Arts, in 1995. He went on to establish TME Studios in the Bronx, New York in 1997 and has since been recording, mixing, and mastering the work of both established and emerging musicians of various genres including KRS-1, Kool Keith, and Sadat X, to name a few.
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