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Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center is celebrating 30 years of teaching equine therapy to children and adults with physical, mental and emotional disabilities with a "huge barnyard bash" this Sunday! Guest: KAREN GRINDLER | Also, JILL WOMACK tells us about next month's 'PJ Play Days' for kids in grades K through 7 who don't go to school because of teacher workdays. She says it's wonderful day of "community and imagination and team building and creativity." (5:08) October 25, 2018

Looking for a waterproof, long-lasting, adhesive-free, VOC emissions-free, made-in-America laminate flooring for your home? Well, you're in luck, because SCOTT BRADLEY from Carpet One Floor and Home has you covered...literally! Also, SUSAN COOK-WILLIAMS is looking for volunteers to help make River City Habitat for Humanity's new initiative, Beloved Communities, a reality in Jefferson City. (4:15) October 24, 2018

"We have a program that's geared for people who have been diagnosed with that they decrease their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes," SABRINA WEAVER, RN, Defense Against Diabetes founder. Also, ANDREW GRABAU, Heart of Missouri United Way, says it's not cheap to live in Boone County. As such, he invites everyone to an upcoming summit focusing on the "economic mobility in our community." (3:57) October 23, 2018

Children' Grove touches the lives of many in our community, and has now for almost five years. Hear about several of their outreach programs, like those focusing on crisis intervention and mental health, from volunteers LESLEY THALHUBER and SARAH TRAUB. Also, TODD DAVISON invites everyone to come see Maples Repertory Theatre's next production, "On Golden Pond," beginning this Wednesday at the Royal Theatre in downtown Macon! Running for two weekends, this classic story is the second-to-last production of their 15th season. (4:19) October 22, 2018

Guest LOIS LONG tells us about a support group in Fulton that provides respite for caregivers of persons with dementia (Alzheimer's). She says, "the neat thing about a support group is that people come together and we listen to each other. It's not about having all the answers." October 19, 2018

"Everything is a poison." Don't believe me? Guest OLEN R. BROWN says even oxygen is classified as a drug by the FDA. The real story is in his book, "The Art and Science of Poisons," but this is a fascinating conversation about the poisons we live with everyday. October 18, 2018

This week on Discover Nature, listen for the clear, loud calls of ground-dwelling birds just before dawn. 


Missouri’s native quail – Northern bobwhite live in groups of 5-30 birds, called coveys, from autumn to spring. 


Northern bobwhite are streaked or mottled reddish-brown and white, with a gray tail. Males have a distinctive dark brown cap and face. Their camouflaged colors help protect them from their many predators including foxes, coyotes, racoons, hawks, owls, and snakes. 


The #Black panel discusses the conviction and sentencing of Bill Cosby, the issue of a white woman curating a museum exhibition on hip-hop music at the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, and the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fued. 

Never heard of the Youth Community Coalition? Guest RON ROWE says this network of youth-serving organizations' main purpose is to "help make the community the best place it can be for kids to make positive decisions and avoid risky ones." Their current program is called "You Card We Care." Find out more about the difference it hopes to make in the lives of our children! October 17, 2018

Come hear the Southside Philharmonic Orchestra perform the music of Claudio Monteverdi and Giovanni Gabrieli in a concert titled "The Early Baroque: Echoes from Seventeenth-Century Cathedrals" this Friday in Jefferson City. Guest PATRICK CLARK says "the music is fantastic!" Also, LOUISE SARVER tells us about the annual 'Give a Gift of Art' exhibit, which returns next month to the Columbia Art League. She says pieces and works featured make excellent Christmas gifts! (5:04) October 16, 2018

Trevor and Lindsey are thinking about a cruise, so they contact a travel agent. They find a great deal on a cruise from Athens, Greece to Miami, Florida. Two tickets for the flight to get to Athens and then home from Miami (to St. Louis) cost $5,862. Not wanting to pay that much (to find that flight, they looked at both and the cruise's website), Trevor and Lindsey are faced with two options: cancel the trip or look again. At guest MEL ZELENAK's suggestion, they look again, this time searching for one-way tickets instead. The savings? Not to be believed! October 15, 2018

Save money and learn how to repair something all by yourself? That's the goal of tomorrow's Sustainable Living Fair, hosted by the City of Columbia's Office of Sustainability and Peaceworks. Speakers, tours and a mini 'Fix-It Fair' round out a day full of tips and tricks that you can use to help make Earth a "greener, healthier planet." Guest: BARBARA BUFFALOE October 12, 2018

Guest MARILYN McLEOD says it best: "we have a lot going on!" If you're wanting to educate yourself about everything that'll be on this November's ballot (seven issues!), then make plans to attend one of three events later this month sponsored by the League of Women Voters! Also, TRACEY EICHHORN encourages everyone (artists, art lovers, community members) to come visit Mid-Missouri Arts Alliance's Ashland-based gallery, and maybe even become a member - no experience necessary! (4:53) October 11, 2018

As autumn begins in Missouri, one of the state’s most fragile and unique species is active beneath the surface of some streams. 

Hellbenders are large aquatic salamanders, reaching lengths of more than a foot. Ozark and Eastern Hellbenders have a wide, flat head with tiny eyes and a broad, rudder-like tail. They breathe through their sensitive skin – usually grayish-brown in color, and covered in prominent folds. 

In late summer and early autumn, females lay as many as 200 – 700 eggs, which males fertilize and guard until they hatch. 

Thankfully, "Sweeney Todd" actors DANE JOHNSON and AUBREY HICKS are nothing like their turning-people-into-meatpies characters, but they'll have you thinking they are when the "fun" begins this Friday at Talking Horse Productions in Columbia! Also, AMY HAWKINS, RN, tells us about tomorrow evening's 'Artful Bra' silent auction and reception fundraiser for Ellis Fischel Cancer Center. (4:10) October 10, 2018

Let your children's imagination run wild with a little help from local comedy troupe The Stable Boys this Saturday at Orr Street Studios in Columbia! It's all part of 'Second Saturday for Kids', and the theme this month is "Unscripted Improvisational Arts." Guests: CATHERINE PARKE and KATHLEEN JOHNSON | Also, KRISTEN EIFFERT, Central Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, invites parents with young children to a Halloween-themed 'Families in the Kitchen' next Saturday at the Columbia Public Library. Space is limited! (4:42) October 9, 2018

Everyone is 'willkommen' in Shikles Auditorium, home to Capital City Productions' 'Cabaret' beginning this Thursday in Jefferson City! Meet the actress playing 'Sally Bowles', MARGARET GRAHAM, as well as director ROB CROUSE. Also, CHASE HARPER, MU Health Care, tells us about this Friday's Mature Living Festival at the Parkade Center in Columbia. Flu shots, health screenings and assisted living resources are just a few of the offerings for adults and senior citizens alike! (5:00) October 8, 2018

This week on discover nature keep your eyes peeled around dusk for groups of little brown bats.


Little brown myotises, or mouse-eared bats are only about three to four inches long, and weigh only a quarter of an ounce. They have yellowish- to olive-brown fur with a glossy sheen. 


In the fall, these bats gather at cave and mine entrances to mate before hibernation. However, fertilization of the ovum will not take place until spring, and mothers will bear a single offspring by mid-June. 


MARY ELLEN LOHMANN is back with more information about next Saturday's Center for Missouri Studies Fall Lecture series, this month featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning author Caroline Fraser! She's written a book about Laura Ingalls Wilder, and if you're a fan of Wilder, you'll enjoy our conversation here, as well as the event October 13th! Additional guest: SEAN ROST | Also, JAN MARTIN and LAURA DeVENNEY tell us about Mid-Missouri Quilts of Valor, a non-profit organization that awards locally-made "quilts of comfort" to veterans. (5:04) October 5, 2018

October is a busy month for the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition. From conversations about the "demand" to stories from survivors, NANETTE WARD encourages everyone to find the time to come to an event that's guaranteed to open your eyes to this very real, very relevant topic. October 4, 2018

"'Songs for a New World' is about people that are about to face a new adventure in their life. They're in a moment of decision, and they have to figure out which way to go." -- JOY POWELL, MU Theatre Department. So which way do they go? Joy adds, "lots of different ways!" Also, Pastor RICK MATSON invites everyone to explore the "beautiful grounds" of the Prairie Chapel United Methodist Church during a free afternoon picnic this Sunday! (4:45) October 3, 2018

In 1987, Congress passed the Patient's Bill of Rights to protect residents of long-term care. Since then, October has been set aside to recognize and raise awareness of those rights. ANN BICKEL, Missouri Coalition for Quality Care, shares tips on how families of those in long-term care facilities can get a "clear picture of what's going on in the nursing home." Also, BETH HENDREN invites everyone to take part in the 2018 Out of the Darkness Walk this Sunday in Columbia to help raise awareness of suicide prevention. (4:41) October 2, 2018

Kimberly Reed thought campaign finance was too complex for a documentary. But that was before her home state of Montana began fighting back against anonymous money. Allison Coffelt talks with Director Kimberly Reed about the making of a true-life political thriller, on this episode of the True/False podcast.

Could a coyote have taken someone's cat? MU Veterinary Health Center's CB CHASTAIN says yes. If you're concerned for your pet's safety, check out some of CB's tips during our short interview! Also, meet RUBY BAILEY. She's the newly-appointed executive editor of the Columbia Missourian. Hear what she has to say about the state of the industry and why she loves community journalism. (4:25) October 1, 2018

Folk musicians CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA perform "The Waters of Tyne" (3:32) on guitar and mandolin. September 28, 2018

"'Participate in Discovery' is an opportunity for individuals who live in the state of Missouri to identify themselves as being interested in being contacted to participate in research studies at the University of Missouri." -- SARA GABLE, University of Missouri School of Medicine | Also, LORETTA SCHOUTEN tells us that after 14 years, Youth Empowerment Zone is now CoMo Youth Works. Why the change? Loretta says a decision was made to refocus heavily on the mission of job readiness. (4:33) September 27, 2018

JOAN STACK takes us inside the mind of a portrait artist who's works stands five or six feet tall. What are the challenges? What comes easy? Why are the subjects never smiling? And where can you visit artwork that large? (Actually, that last one's pretty easy to answer: The State Historical Society of Missouri.) September 26, 2018

"People say after the summer, 'oh, you must not be doing anything or whatever', but between the summer and the fall, for us, is really, really busy." -- TODD DAVISON, Artistic Director of Maples Repertory Theatre. The final crop of shows for 2018 include: 'On Golden Pond', 'Dearly Departed', the return of the 'Church Basement Ladies', plus a special fundraiser at The Pear Tree! September 25, 2018

Discover nature this week and scout the understory of Missouri’s riparian woods for our state’s only native, tropical tree… and its ripening, custard-like fruits.



Pawpaw trees – Asimina tribloba – are small, with slender trunks and broad crowns.  


They grow in shaded colonies on moist lower slopes, ravines, valleys, along streams, and at the base of wooded bluffs. 


"Equal Justice Under the Law?" That's the name of the next public forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters in honor of Constitution Day. Two representatives from the Missouri State Public Defender System will be at the Columbia Public Library on October 8th to share insight and answer questions. Guest: MAHREE SKALA | Also, SCOTT BRADLEY, Carpet One Floor and Home, introduces us to more eco-friendly hardwood flooring. Today's example contains a finish made from soybean oil. (3:37) September 24, 2018