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Bird nesting peaks in late spring, and paying close attention to this seasonal behavior can show us more about the birds we see around us every day.



While nesting behavior varies considerably among different birds, we can observe a typical nesting cycle in the American robin. In their case, both sexes share in building the nest, which is composed of a mixture of mud and grass. 


"So often when someone gives a large chunk of money to some organization, they lose the ability to offer any other advice about where that money ends up going. With a Donor Advised Fund, the donor can continue to offer advice or recommendations or suggestions...over where the money finally goes." -- JOHN BAKER, Community Foundation of Central Missouri  June 6, 2019

Consumer expert MEL ZELENAK takes a page (or two) out of one of his favorite books, 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki, to guide our conversation about becoming financially independent. June 5, 2019

Capital City Productions' "Mamma Mia!" has proven to be so popular - before it even opens! - that four additional performances have been added to the schedule. ROB CROUSE tells us why these encore shows come at a lower ticket price. Also, BOB HOHENSTEIN invites everyone to take part in The District's 'Summer Restaurant Week' June 9-15. He says, so far, 35 restaurants are on board to "stamp your passport!" (4:45) June 4, 2019

MU Health Care's BETH ORNS tells us about a monthly support group she facilitates for those suffering from postpartum depression. She says it's the "most common complication of pregnancy"..."more common than gestational diabetes." Also, BETH WEINSTING invites everyone to Serenity Valley Winery this Saturday for the 3rd annual Strawberry Festival for Central Missouri Honor Flight. The goal of this fundraiser is to raise enough money to send 25 veterans to Washington, D.C. (5:06) June 3, 2019

LaBrunerie Financial president ALEX LaBRUNERIE wants to see parents encourage their children to start saving today! It's all about those early decades, he says, because people are living into their 90s and that costs money. So what are you supposed to invest in? Alex shares some ideas. May 31, 2019

The essence of being a caregiver involves three things: caring and giving and listening. That's according to LOIS LONG, a volunteer with the Greater Missouri Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Lois shares with us a poem she wrote that further expresses her beliefs called "An Invitation." May 30, 2019

Primaris Foundation's SCOTT MINIEA and XAVIER VAUGHN talk about all-things Medicare: the what, the how, the why and the when. Scott says, "our whole role is to help the consumer make informed decisions about the care choices they're gonna make." If you're retired and you're 65 years old, now is the time to sign up! May 29, 2019

Wildflowers and warm weather signify the arrival of spring in Missouri… and one of the state’s largest, heaviest wild mammals enjoys the season as much as we do.

This week on Discover Nature, we recognize May as National Bear Awareness Month.  

Black bears mate now through June, but reproductive development pauses for 6-to-7 months, until bears enter hibernation.  Mother bears birth litters of two to three cubs in January and February, sometimes while the mother still sleeps.  

Set in the 1920s, director LAUREN DOTSON promises a roaring good time for anyone who comes to see Maplewood Barn Theatre's production/interpretation of 'Romeo and Juliet', opening this Thursday and running for three weekends! Additional guest: JOE BOGUE | Also,  MU Health Care's DR. LAINE YOUNG-WALKER wants to end the stigma associated with talking about one's mental health. She says that it's "as important as physical health." May is Mental Health Awareness Month. (4:08) May 28, 2019

"I guess the idea that we're going to better be able to serve future generations of Missourians. This is an aspirational building. When you walk in you feel like you're somewhere special. It makes people think about Missouri history." -- JOAN STACK on what she's looking forward to the most when the State Historical Society's new Center for Missouri Studies building opens later this summer  May 27, 2019

Musicians THOM HOWARD and KATIE SMYTH perform Train's 'Marry Me' at [00:39] and The Beatles' 'Here Comes the Sun' at [5:05] on guitar and flute. May 24, 2019

From long-form improv to commedia dell'arte, it's safe to say the 2019 Stephens College Summer Theatre Institute has a little something for everyone. And the good news, according to TRENT RASH, is that each show is free and open to the public! Also, MARIE ROBERTSON invites everyone to Dancearts of Columbia's 40th annual spring recital, happening this weekend at Jesse Auditorium on the MU campus! (5:11) May 23, 2019

This week on Discover Nature, watch – and listen – for the northern cricket frog.


Commonly seen along the edges of ponds and streams, especially on mud flats and gravel bars, scientists are monitoring Missouri populations due to rapid declines in other states. 


The northern cricket frog can appear in a variety of colors from gray to tan to greenish-tan or brown, with a white belly. 


Their metallic calls resemble the sound of small pebbles being rapidly struck together. 


Columbia Public Schools

KBIA's Darren Hellwege talks with Bonnie Conley of Columbia Public Schools about the summer school program coming soon from the district. 

Learn more and sign up here: Columbia Public Schools Summer School 

Columbia Area Career Center

KBIA's Darren Hellwege talks with Brandon Russell of the Columbia Area Career Center about their summer learning opportunities for Columbia youngsters. 

You can see the whole list of classes here: Columbia Area Career Center Youth Camps

Columbia Art League

KBIA's Lee Wilkins talks with Louise Sarver, Operations Manager of the Columbia Art League, to preview this summer's Art In The Park. 

Click here to learn more about Art In The Park

University of Missouri assistant professor SCOTT CHRISTIANSON puts an app designed to assist those with visual impairments to the test using yours truly, our floor director and some wrinkled up dollar bills. May 22, 2019

Heart of Missouri CASA executive director KELLY HILL tells us about two upcoming classes that will train a "wide variety" of volunteers who wish to advocate for a child involved in the family court system (due to abuse or neglect). Also, Columbia Cemetary is once again playing to host to a ghost or two (or three or more!) when "History Comes Alive" this Memorial Day! CINDY MUSTARD runs down the list of recognizable names who are 'taking part' in the festivities. (4:30) May 21, 2019

"In our community, we are failing to help the most marginalized to have the opportunities to get out of poverty, and we need to do more to help them." -- ANDREW GRABAU on the reason why Heart of Missouri United Way has spent more than 400 hours this year alone reviewing grant applications that deal with financial stability  May 20, 2019

Sidney Steele / KBIA

On campuses across mid-Missouri students and faculty are wrapping up the semester, and on this edition of Off the Clock we visit a unique end-of-term tradition hosted by MU's Ancient Mediterranean Studies department: The Homer-athon. It's a celebration of "The Iliad," in multiple languages, and KBIA's Olivia Love captured the languages and the sounds of the recent 25th annual Homer-athon, on May 10th. 

Self-described 'head muggle' JENNIFER ROBERTS invites everyone to the Columbia Kiwanis Club's 7th annual Harry Potter Trivia Night - a fundraiser for Beads of Courage! Also, MICHAEL O'HALLORAN, RN, LD, tells us about the many ways we can keep our bones healthy this month - think calcium! - which is Osteoporosis Awareness Month. (4:21) May 17, 2019

Agriculture Park will officially open this Saturday, weather-permitting, after many years of fundraising and construction! Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture's ADAM SAUNDERS tells us why it's the ultimate compliment to the neighboring Activity and Recreation Center. Also, HANNA REEVES invites everyone to come and enjoy a new experience at the newly-expanded Sager | Braudis Gallery in downtown Columbia! (4:35) May 16, 2019

The League of Women Voters wants to see you at their next 'Lunch and Learn'! This month the featured speaker will be Columbia interim police chief Jeff Jones. Plus, mark your calendar for Wednesday, June 12 - that's the date of their annual fundraiser at Columbia Entertainment Company! Guest: MARILYN McLEOD | Also, it's heartworm season. CB CHASTAIN from MU's Veterinary Health Center shares tips on what you can to do prevent infection or what to do if your pet is already showing symptoms. (4:17) May 15, 2019

This week in Missouri’s woods, a native, thorny, locust tree displays clusters of fragrant white flowers.


The black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) grows in dry or rocky upland woods, along streams, and in pastures, and thickets. 


A pioneer tree species, black locust easily invades disturbed sites, and some consider it a nuisance species. 


How does a blind couple raise children? GARY WUNDER, who speaks from experience having raised four children with his wife (who is also blind), says simply, "you figure out how you're going to do without sight what other people do with sight." For instance, story time is still story time, except the books are also written in braille. May 14, 2019

Seth Bodine / KBIA

Missouri has one of the oldest trditional arts apprecticeship programs in the United States. And every year, the Missouri Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program sponsors eight master artists and their apprentices - for teaching, sustaining and promoting a tranditional art form - here in Missouri. 

KBIA's Seth Bodine caught up with one of this year's master-apprentice duos to find out about a classical Indian dance being practiced here in the middle of Misouri: Bharatanatyam. 

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Get details on Ellis Fischel Cancer Center's annual free screening event happening next week in Columbia. Guest: DR. EMILY SMITH | Also, 'Salvation Army Week' is underway! Stop by the Thrift Store for special sales and/or the Harbor House for a special tour. Plus, find out when to mark your calendar for National Donut Day! Guest: JACK HOLLOWAY (4:12) May 13, 2019

Local singer/songwriter/storyteller LARRY BROWN takes us back to the early-20th century for a story and a song about women and children in the workplace. He performs "Bread and Roses" at [3:41]. May 10, 2019

Perlman-Stoy Ballet's annual spring recital is shaping up to be a memorable weekend, that's according to guest NANCY STOY. Aside from welcoming two special guests, she says this performance will also include the youngest dancers ever to take the stage! Also, Carpet One Floor and Home's SCOTT BRADLEY introduces us to eco-friendly cleaners. "You've got to have something to clean all of our eco-friendly flooring!" (5:11) May 9, 2019