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Stop Human Trafficking Coalition of Central Missouri is excited to welcome 'The Weight of Blood' author Laura McHugh as their featured speaker at next month's meeting, and you're invited (virtually, of course)! Guest: NANETTE WARD | Also, in a non-pandemic year, CCUA's annual Harvest Hootenanny is held outdoors with many in attendance. Since that's not possible this year, the event - temporarily known as the 'Holiday' Harvest Hootenanny - is going online, live from the Blue Note in Columbia. BILLY POLANSKY tells us how how it'll work. (4:19) November 27, 2020

We hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving so far. (Here's your reminder to check on the rolls!) Please enjoy singer/songwriter/storyteller LARRY BROWN's take on the Bob Franke hit, 'Thanksgiving Eve'. (3:29) November 26, 2020

This week on Discover Nature, take a moment to admire and appreciate Missouri’s many gifts from nature.

Picture the vast geography of our state, as avian migrations pass over our prairies and plains, Ozark forests, big river systems, and marshy lowlands; the karst sinkholes and cave systems that filter our water below our feet and harbor sightless, unseen lifeforms.

Each ecoregion supporting its own array of animal and plant species that have constituted our state’s natural heritage from long before settlers set foot on Missouri soil.

The monetary goals have been set and the red kettles are out, now it's up to you to dig deep for The Salvation Army, both in Columbia and Jefferson City! "Christmas is our biggest fundraiser." Guest: MAJOR CURTISS HARTLEY | There's another non-profit in need of your support: Voluntary Action Center. Executive director NICK FOSTER tells us that there's still about a third of the total number of households who signed up for their holiday program without a sponsor. Signing up is just a mouse click away! (5:18) November 25, 2020

Maximize your 2020 investments with this up-to-date financial news courtesy of investment advisor ALEX LaBRUNERIE from LaBrunerie Financial! November 24, 2020

If your home needs a makeover but you aren't comfortable shopping in a store these days, SCOTT BRADLEY has just the solution: Carpet One Floor and Home's 'Sample Box Project'! Also, KATHRYN O'HAGAN introduces us to Columbia Foster and Adoption Project's programs, support, training and more! (4:52) November 23, 2020

AI enthusiast SCOTT CHRISTIANSON introduces us to another "internet of things" device, this one provides six-lead EKG information via a smartphone. You can now check your heart's BPM right at home! Watch his live demo. November 20, 2020

Onetime poet laureate WALTER BARGEN has a new book out titled, 'Pole Dancing in the Night Club of God'. He reads us two poems from it: 'God's Juice' at [2:44] and 'Stylish' at [6:05]. November 19, 2020

Missouri Prairie Foundation executive director CAROL DAVIT, making her first appearance on our show, takes us on a virtual tour of some native plants found in our area. Learn more about the Grow Native! database. November 18, 2020

This week on Discover Nature, set up bird-feeding stations to help keep feathered friends fed through the cold season.


To keep warm in frigid weather, birds must feed almost constantly. A drop of twenty degrees can double their metabolic rate. So, keeping food available can be especially important, and rewarding for birdwatchers when the weather turns cold. 

As you prepare to wrap those holiday gifts, keep in mind that the shiny paper we all use by default contains material that isn't recyclable. Instead, heed these tips for alternative methods as prepared by the City of Columbia Office of Sustainability's BARBARA BUFFALOE! November 17, 2020

Both weekends of Capital City Productions' performance of 'Elf: The Musical' sold out in no time according to today's guest, ROB CROUSE. As a result, they've added a third weekend! Don't wait to get your tickets. Also, OsteoStrong Columbia owner DAYNA GLANZ tells us how better bone health can help those with Type 2 diabetes. (4:19) November 16, 2020

If you're in need of a silver lining about 2020, look no further than cardiologist DR. ANAND CHOCKALINGAM's take on the effects of COVID-19 on heart health. He says emergency calls for heart attack victims have actually gone down; he believes that's because people's daily stress levels have gone down due to the ongoing hold placed on life as we know it. November 13, 2020

The Ragtag Film Society is returning from its fall break with a planned drive-in and the showing of two films that STACIE POTTINGER, director of development and communication, says will be contenders for an Oscar in 2021! Also, Jefferson Middle School principal GREG CAINE fills us in on what's new at Columbia Public Schools' STEAM Academy! (4:29) November 12, 2020

Attention bird watchers! The State Historical Society of Missouri has a brand new exhibit dedicated to lifelong bird enthusiast (and artist) David Plank. JOAN STACK, Curator of Art Collections, shares with us the detailed process this Salem, Missouri resident uses to capture the wildlife in his paintings. November 11, 2020

This week on Discover Nature, watch for white-tailed deer in rut, and celebrate 75 years of modern deer hunting in Missouri.

In the fall, fawns lose their white spots, adults’ coats take on a grayish-brown color, and bucks boast antlers to fight for territory and mating rights.  

Deer were essential to American Indians and early settlers, providing food, hides, sinews for bowstrings, and bones for tools. 

Registered dietitian JAMIE DAUGHERTY, Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says building 'kitchen confidence' starts with choosing a recipe. The mistakes you make can only expand your skills ( the long run). Also, SCOTT MINIEA, Missouri CLAIM executive director, tells us how we can pay less for Medicare during the 2020 open enrollment season! (4:34) November 10, 2020

Anticipatory grief: "When we (the caregiver) begin to grieve, not just when someone passes, but in the time that it takes - sometimes years - as they lose their independence, they lose the ability to function and do what they've always done." -- LOIS LONG, volunteer/advocate for persons with dementia November 9, 2020

"I wanted to tell a story about my life because I felt that there were things in these poems that would resonate with other people." -- LUCINDA WATSON, poet/author of 'The Favorite', on how she decided which poems made it into the book November 6, 2020

The trick to providing a sense of calm to an anxious dog? Take a deep breath. That's according to DR. MAR DOERING, DVM, All Paws Medical and Behavioral Center. She says the dog (or cat) doesn't even have to see you do it. November 5, 2020

This week on Discover Nature, listen for the eerie calls of bobcats in the wild.

Several hundred years ago, bobcats lived throughout the United States. They were largely eliminated from much of the U.S., but are still scattered throughout areas with sufficient habitat. 

On cool fall evenings, listen for their hisses, growls, snorts, and screams coming from the woods. 

Don't miss the "cabaret of cabarets" as Capital City Productions celebrates the music of Stephen Sondheim for one weekend only later this month at their theatre in Jefferson City! Guest: SARAH SICHT | Also, NEIL CARR invites everyone to reserve your bird ahead of The Rotary Club of Columbia's 2nd annual Thanksgiving Turkey Fry! (3:45) November 4, 2020

Today's the big day! If you haven't already, be sure and get to your polling station before it closes this evening. In the meantime, enjoy some political history/trivia with MARILYN McLEOD from the League of Women Voters. November 3, 2020

If you're a fan of the show 'Chopped' on Food Network, you won't want to miss the local version, 'CoMo Chopped', next week on Facebook and YouTube. The purpose, according to ANDREW GRABAU, Heart of Missouri United Way, is to put a spotlight on local chefs in local restaurants preparing a unique dish that you, the audience, vote on with your pocketbook (a.k.a. a donation to United Way). November 2, 2020

"Issac stood quietly and looked from the third story window down and saw the family unloading a rental truck and a car, moving into the old house. His old house. It was about sunset, and the shadows were kind of playing with the nearly-bare branches of the trees of mid-autumn and he thought: another family, here we go again." -- the opening lines of 'I.M. Ghostly' as told by storyteller LARRY BROWN October 30, 2020

Paul Pepper: Ken Midkiff, "Deregulation"

Oct 29, 2020

Always opinionated and always insightful, columnist/environmentalist KEN MIDKIFF is back to talk about his surprising discovery after searching the word "deregulation" on the Google machine. October 29, 2020

First-time guest ANITA CAMPBELL tells us about PhysZOU, a pro bono clinic at the University of Missouri for those with little-to-no insurance who need physical therapy services. Under this arrangement, the general public is served and physical therapy students get hands-on training. October 28, 2020

This week on Discover Nature, get outside and enjoy a show of fall foliage, fruits, fungi, and flowers.


Fall color in Missouri’s trees has been off to a slow start, with much green remaining on the landscape. But, with cooler temperatures and waning daylight hours, chlorophyll – the compound that makes leaves green – is breaking down, revealing pigments that have been hidden all summer. 


"It's such an important time to be paying attention to refugee resettlement. It's always important, but right now we're experiencing the worst refugee crisis in history." -- GRACE WILDENHAUS, volunteer coordinator at Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri October 27, 2020

With Halloween coming up this Saturday, we thought now was a good time to talk about cavities in children. Maybe these tips from DRS. PHILIP BATSON and ELIZABETH ABE, Columbia Healthy Smiles, will save a tooth or two! October 26, 2020