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Behind the Issue: A look into the December issue of 'Vox Magazine'

This photo has a neon yellow background with various trinkets displayed across it. Some of the trinkets include a tennis racket, pizza, fries, and a pink gumball machine. In white bold letters, it says "So Much Stuff" in all capital letters.
Ava Horton
Vox Magazine
Vox Magazine's December issue is titled "Stuff."

In this month’s “Behind the Issue,” editor-in-chief Kristina Abovyan spoke with deputy editor Micah Barnes about Vox’s December issue package titled “Stuff,” and what went into its creation.

This rising CoMo Black-owned business is embracing the Trenches

CEO Isaiah Johnson always had an affinity for clothing and music. After finishing high school, he decided to turn his passion into profit, leading him to establish the Trenchboy brand.

Late night at After Bite: Inside CoMo’s new after-hours restaurant

In most restaurants, 6 p.m. is the rush hour. Servers move rapidly as they enter orders. The printer explodes with drink tickets as the kitchen staff works to perfect each meal. But at After Bite? That’s just the start of prep time for the staff’s long night ahead. Preparation begins at 6 p.m. so the doors can open at 7 p.m.

Meet the 5 biggest Taylor Swift fans in Columbia

Bri Tremper and her brother, who is 12 years older, have a shared passion for Swift. Tremper, who followed in her brother's Swiftie footsteps, often reminisces about their car rides together with Swift playing in the background. “We are pretty different, but one thing we’ve always had in common is Taylor Swift,” Tremper says.

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