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Behind the Issue: A look into the March issue of 'Vox Magazine'

Maggie Pollard

In this month’s “Behind the Issue,” Editor-in-chief Micah Barnes sits down with staff editor Sophie Chappell about two stories surrounding the upcoming True/False Film Fest.

The human paradoxes of True/False's visual artists

From deer to dinner tables, these art installations at this year's festival are eclectic and rich in meaning.

'Girls State' directors discuss 'anxiety' and 'ambition' of Missouri teens

The Show Me True/False title was born out of the filmmaker's interest, giving viewers a front row seat to teenage girls managing politics and power as the ones in charge.

True/False tour guide

Choose your own festival adventure. Whether you want to party or keep it intellectual, Vox gathered planning hacks and insider tips to help you have the best fest possible.

Dominique Hodge is a junior at the University of Missouri studying cross-platform editing and producing. She is a reporter/producer for KBIA's Missouri Health Talks.
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